1. On an equal footing


Nobody knows the actual circumstances better than an organization’s employees – not even consultants. We therefore work as closely with our customers as possible to develop effective and sustainable solutions together. This is successful provided that we work with all levels of the hierarchy and are perceived as fair and neutral partners. And good listeners.

We firmly believe that everyone wants to – and can – make a difference if you let them. This is the basic mindset behind our thoughts and actions. All members of the Summer team are given the widest possible playing field – a freedom that they more than give back in terms of individual responsibility and own initiative. We take this for granted, of course, and so do our customers.


We don’t want work to be the antithesis of life. Neither for us, nor for our customers. This is why Summer & Co focused initially on our own people before developing the team around the concept of self-management – to encourage unrestricted teamwork for which each person is responsible, enable maximum development of individual potential and generate modern-day solutions to the challenges posed by new ways of working.

We don’t know whether this type of organization can be universally applied, but we are already noticing a rise in the importance of topics such as servant leadership, individual responsibility and personal freedom. We are leading the way.

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