1. A new world

VUCA worlds

Change is the only constant

The new world in which today’s organizations operate is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambivalent – a.k.a. VUCA. Constant change and challenging market conditions are certainly nothing new. However, when traditional methods and ways of doing business can no longer keep up with the speed of change, it’s time for these to change, too. We help entrepreneurs who are bold enough to challenge the status quo.


What can be digitized, will be digitized.

Digitization is inevitable. It has become part of the air that we breathe, and permeates every part of the organization – from the business model to human resource development. A digital environment demands rapid, customer-centric, and agile solutions. Interdisciplinary teamwork is becoming inevitable. Start-ups are setting the pace, while large groups are equipping themselves for the challenges of the future. The fact that we live and work in these two different worlds enables us to integrate both perspectives into our mindsets and consulting.

New Work

The labor dispute of the 21st century?

Increasing pace and complexity are pushing traditional organizations to their limits. The networking and decision-making skills of individual team members are increasingly becoming key factors for success. Equipped with these skills, digital employees need to become accustomed to a new working climate – one characterized by self-determination and trust, rather than promises of a career and control. The energy that results from a successful cultural transformation is a good enough reason to embark along this path with each and every one of our clients.

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