1. Summer Academy

With the Summer Academy, we have created a space for learning through a mutual exchange of information and ideas. After all, Summer&Co loves transparency – both on the inside and on the outside.

We believe: there is no such thing as insider know-how. As consultants, coaches and supporters along the path to transformation, we have various perspectives on the diversity of companies and their challenges. Our tools of the trade are both proven and new methods, curiosity and lots of experience with continually changing environments, as well as new forms of working and organisation.

This has allowed us to develop workshop formats for teams which bring together the simplest, most suitable and most relevant elements respectively. For instance, which principles are leveraged to take decisions, how good feedback works and why it is so important, or how you can encourage innovative ideas in a team. Precisely that which you really need to know to do a good job!

In addition, with the open network event Agile-X, we frequently offer the opportunity to get together with like-minded and different-thinking people alike – in a summery, light atmosphere. Getting and giving insights into real-life challenges in the exciting field of agile transformation. In a kind of open collegial consultation, we exchange experiences and develop ideas.

See the current dates here.

Do you have any questions or ideas, or are you interested in our workshop module for your company? We look forward to receiving your message!

Contact: antonia.nooke@summer.co

Cards on the table

Summer Academy – what you get...

  • Carefully selected tools and methods that you can put into practice
  • Insights into modern organizational forms and working methods
  • Springboard for bouncing about ideas

....and what you don’t

  • Certificates
  • Talk-and-chalk teaching
  • Waffle


Agile-X #4 – Peer-to-Peer-Exchange
20. August 2020
17.00 - 18.30 o'clock
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