1. Summer by name.
    Summer by nature.

One swallow doesn’t make a summer. All of our permanent and freelance consultants, employees, business partners and experts are able to contribute their unique strengths to the team. We owe our summery approach to work as much to self-determination as we do to teamwork. Summer’s our mindset, not just our name.  This approach brings customers what they deserve: partner for change, inspirational, tailor-made consulting services for any strategic issue imaginable.

And, you know what? We are always interested in getting to know exciting people! 

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Alexander Exner


Anna Michel


Bernhard Jauernick


Christine Küspert


Christopher May


Holger Niemeyer


Hugo Suidman


John Lack


Kai Voigt


Maria Lindinger


Oliver Grande


Rouven Schirmer


Robert Stulle


Sarah Broßeder


Thomas Weißschnur


Uli Mayer-Johanssen GmbH


Content Refinery




Simon Blake / launchlabs


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